EPA Staffer: We’re Hitting the Bottle Because of Trump


EPA lifers are “in the dumps” about life at the agency under President Trump. The level of anxiety is so high that alcoholism may be on the rise among climate-alarmist lifers, according to one staffer quoted in The Washington Post. If that is true, that’s very good news, because it means the EPA will be getting back to its original — and largely accomplished mission — of cleaning up America’s air, land, and water.

EPA lifer and “climate change advisor” Mike Cox quit recently, and not quietly. The Pacific Northwest staffer issued a public letter stating his reasons, and The Washington Post reported his letter with unwarranted gusto. What the hell did he have to lose, I suppose. Trump is eliminating 25 percent of all EPA jobs. I guess his was one.

This middle-finger story about Cox included the usual nonsense about how if all Americans don’t all bike to work (like him) for the rest our lives, the earth is DOOMED … and so on. But I had to laugh, though, at this wilting flower’s concern about the ski industry on the West Coast.

“ … talk to the ski area operators who are seeing less snowpack and worrying about their future …”

Dude. Mammoth Mountain in Northern California announced in February that its skiing season will be extended to … the Fourth of July Weekend. There hasn’t been skiing at Mammoth Mountain in July for at least 40 years. Tell me more about how humans, globally, are creating “less snowpack” in America. These climate alarmists are so used to peddling BS, they don’t think anyone watches The Weather Channel — which for the first time in memory this morning spoke positively about the end of the California drought, instead of saying, “But it’s not over yet!!”

Anyway, The Washington Post reporter couldn’t get an EPA spokesman to comment on the EPA diva’s walk-out letter, but they did get a hold of Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who led the Trump Administration’s EPA transition team. Myron, a friend of The Heartland Institute — and winner of this year’s Climate Change Awards — delivered a classic quote:

The EPA did not respond to requests for comment on Cox’s letter, but Myron Ebell, who led Trump’s EPA transition team, did.

Now that Trump is moving toward “radically downsizing the EPA,” Ebell said, “employees who are opposed to the Trump Administration’s agenda are either going to conduct themselves as professional civil servants or find other employment or retire or be terminated. I would be more sympathetic if they had ever expressed any concern for the people whose jobs have been destroyed by EPA’s regulatory rampage.”

The reporter didn’t mention if Myron dropped the mic … but it should have.

After reading the story, it was clear that the reporter buried the lead and headline. Theirs was “EPA staffer leaves with a bang, blasting agency policies under Trump.” The headline should have been: “EPA Lifers Hit the Bottle, Because Trump.” From the last paragraphs of the story:

Coping takes different forms.

Black humor and burying themselves in a project’s scientific minutia will work for some.

“For the rest of us,” added one longtime regional staffer, “there probably will be a significant rise in alcoholism.”

Heh. It’s a good sign that words by Trump and actions encouraged by Myron Ebell and the rest of the climate realist EPA team have meaning. But drink up, government alarmists! And then submit your resignations — like Mr. Cox, if less dramatically, so we can start having real science direct federal policy on the climate.

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