How the Word Resistance Has Sunk in Meaning


By Jim Rust

Leaving an Atlanta IKEA store this morning was a bearded, unwashed young man wearing a T-shirt with the words: I AM THE RESISTANCE.

At the time I thought how the word RESISTANCE changed in meaning the past 60 years.  To me RESISTANCE is the millions of brave French citizens who fought against the Nazi occupiers of France from 1940 until 1945.  Tens of thousands died during their quest.

Today the word RESISTANCE stands for disappointed progressives unhappy with the election of Donald Trump as President November 8, 2016.  They number in the millions and have accounted for unspeakable amounts of violence and property damage from coast to coast since the election.

On the day of President Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC hundreds of masked Progressive went on a destruction spree with crow bars and hammers in a several block area a few blocks of the Presidential Inaugural Parade route. Another example is 21-year old Valerie Starushok stuffing a bloody sanitary napkin in the mouth of a male marcher in the January 27 March for Life parade in Ashland, Oregon. An especially egregious example is disruptions on the University of California Berkley campus February 1 when a mob of 1500 stopped a campus lecture by an outside speaker.  WSOF boxer Jake Shields, who rescued a bystander being attacked, said police refused to stop the mob.

The 1940’s members of the RESISTANCE will be hailed as heroes for eternity.  The new Progressive’s RESISTANCE will be judged as bullies in the future.

[First published at the Freedom Pub.]