Fidel Castro is Dead, Liberty for Cuba!


Fidel Castro is dead. We can only hope his murderous regime becomes less murderous with his death. Not likely, though. Upshot: That special Che T-shirt he has is probably not fire proof in Hell.

To all the freedom-loving Heartland fans in Southern Florida … celebrate! And then do what you can to liberate Cuba from decades of tyranny and economic ruin.

On this glorious day, it’s hard to not think about President Obama’s friendly policy toward Cuba — giving the Seal of the Leader of the Free World upon the most oppressive regime in the Western Hemisphere. Obama pledged on Day One of his presidency eight years ago to shut down Gitmo as a place America housed terrorists. located on a piece of Cuba. But while he saw evil there (and has yet to shut it down), he saw happiness in Cuba, famously taking in a baseball game with Fidel’s brother and tyrant-in-absentia, Raúl.


And even after that obsequious trip, Fidel attacked Obama.

The embargo on Cuba obviously did not work. It took a lot less than 40-plus years to realize that. But history will not look kindly on Obama’s affection to tyrants. The death of Castro just makes that judgment come quicker than Obama might have thought.