Sigourney Weaver Borrows from the Salem Witch Trials


In 1692, 20 women were burned at the stake in Salem Massachusetts having been found guilty of witchcraft for, among other things, causing the crops to fail.  On Wednesday night at the Democratic convention, Sigourney Weaver went a long way toward recapturing her Hollywood fame of yesteryear by narrating a scary movie depicting a dangerous warming world for our children to inherit unless we act to intervene. I felt like I was back in Salem 300 years ago listening to the insanity presented against those women, in those trying times.

She pulled out numerous weather related disasters to fire up the DNC attendees against Trump and the Republican National Committee. During the previous week, Trump and the RNC had laid plans to defeat the great global warming delusion with actual science. Their goal is to stop undermining the economy with fruitless efforts to curb carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating the use of natural gas, oil and coal. Transferring protection of our environment from the federal government to the states, which already do the lion’s share of the work, is the backbone of their platform.

Weaver attempted to blame droughts, floods, heat and particularly wild fires on man caused global warming, without a shred of scientific evidence, because none exists. Fires have been occurring regularly in the West long before man began pumping excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into the air — a result of the second industrial revolution that began with World War II. Of course, in those days, their were fewer homes built on the edge of fire-prone areas in a position to be destroyed.

She quoted a number of global warming alarmists, from Pope Francis to George H.W. Bush — two men not known for their scientific acumen. True to the best of alarmist scenarios, she showed cars carried away in floods and homes in flames. Then she talked to distraught home owners who are only too glad to blame the loss of their homes on man-caused global warming

Most of us have become aware through late-night comedy shows that politicians enjoy blaming anything and everything on global warming that will advance their causes and careers. That did not stop Weaver from doing the same.  She is certainly a fine actress, and can now add unsubstantiated fearmonger to her resume.

[First posted by Jay Lehr at Somewhat Reasonable.]