King of Fakes Review: the Main Supplier of Forged Identification


Fake IDs usually come in the form of a tiny package wrapped in Chinese newspaper upon arriving. Inside, there’s a blue jewelry box with a beaded bracelet in it. But the bracelet is very cheap, what’s under the foam is the real deal – a forged driver’s license.

One underage customer was simply fed up with missing hangouts and night outs with older friends because of his age. He bought false IDs online for himself and his college friends from King Of Fakes website and remained very happy with his purchase. He used an anonymous email address also given to him by a friend.

Since 1984, the use of replica IDs has been widespread in colleges and universities across America. This was the year when the drinking age of 21 was implemented. But nowadays, Photoshop is no longer used and using an older relative or friend’s real ID is not that common anymore. Underage students are now buying forged IDs from King Of Fakes as a main market vendor.

Challenges and Pitfalls of The Business

According to the review of Bill Rivera, Chief of the International Mail Branch at Kennedy International Airport, the number of falsified driver’s licenses purchased from China is increasing every year. At the airport, officers discover packages with fake IDs inside almost every day. 4, 585 of them were seized from October 2013 to September 2014. Some of the IDs look really authentic.

They often find IDs hidden inside packages with a variety of items including tea sets, picture frames, accessories, and a lot more. According to Brian Bell, a Watch Commander at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, it just takes common sense to figure out the tactics of these suppliers – why would someone from a university order cheap tea set and have it sent all the way from China? They have also observed that the number of packages with fake IDs significantly increases between July to September when students are supposedly buying school supplies.

When a package gets seized, the only thing you’ll probably lose is your money. But sometimes, it can be forwarded to Homeland Security and a controlled delivery might take place. Jesse White, Secretary of State in Illinois, has started a public service campaign on universities and college campuses to spread awareness regarding the consequences of using a falsified ID in Illinois. Students can have their driver’s licenses suspended, get fined, do community service, and be charged with identity theft.

Purchasing Process:

When ordering a replica document from King Of Fakes, you’ll have to provide basic information, a photo, and of course, cash payment thru MoneyGram, WesternUnion or Bitcoin. One junior student at Cornell, who was the point person for purchasing 30 fake IDs for underage students, admitted that paying for the order was the scariest part. He’ll be sending $1,800 to God knows where and with the risk of not getting the money back if things fail.

One ID might cost $150, but buying in bulk will give you a huge discount. One sophomore student at New York University organized a group placing four orders for only $20-40 per person, but one order went to waste because the email got shut down. It’s very common for manufacturers to constantly change their email addresses and websites to avoid getting caught by authorities. Customer reviews and referrals greatly matter in this word-of-mouth business. Real Customers Reviews:

One student said that although her West Virginia ID from King Of Fakes works most of the time, she doesn’t just use it anywhere. She only uses it at places where most of her friends’ fake IDs work. She ordered the ID online over the summer – but most of her friends order it in groups through a point person. Everyone she knows has ordered or owns a replica identification. Oftentimes, she forgets it’s illegal because it’s easy and is not really a big deal.

Another student got a fake ID during the summer before his sophomore year through an online purchase from Reddit The delivery took a month because the ID came from China. His ID worked at every club and bar in the area where he’s living. But now that his ID got torn apart, he’s having a difficult time since all of his friends own one. A sub-Reddit, which is r/fakeidforum, is now an avenue for buyers and suppliers. It comes up with a weekly list of verified sellers depending on their product’s quality, price, and delivery time. The online forum currently has a lot of subscribers.

According to a Reddit user, r/fakeidforum is just a meeting place with zero illegal things happening in there. Each seller uses an email or personal site where they actually sell their products. Reddit is mainly for marketing and advertising purposes only. Bitcoin is the most commonly used currency. The buyer just sends order information through an email and then the product will arrive at his doorstep after several weeks.

A first-year student who uses her friend’s Pennsylvania fake ID said that while she does use her fake regularly, she is still wary of the consequences. Her ID works great because she mainly uses it at freshman bars just to be with her friends. So far, she hasn’t had any trouble using it but she knows there’s always the possibility to get rejected. It worries her because the fake ID is not even hers.

Another student said that it’s always a good idea to purchase liquor from big stores like Kroger, and reviewed his overall experience as positive.

A college student currently possessing a North Carolina fake ID said that it’s pretty safe and easy to use around Cincinnati. He purchased the ID using bitcoin on website and it’s great to use, it even work with scanners. Like most of the previous students, a lot of his friends own fake IDs, too. He thinks it’s an amazing ticket to explore horizons during the initial stages of college life.

Everyone Is Doing It

A study conducted in 2017 showed that 77.7% of college freshmen own a fake ID. Another study on a specific campus discovered that 63.1% of its students possess a falsified identity document. In 2016, a study conducted at the University of Missouri found out that 79% of its underage college students are fake ID owners. 29% of them are also reported to have gotten caught while using their false identification. Underage college drinkers who use fakes are likely given a false sense of security which could lead to alcohol dependence and drinking problems in the future. Numerous studies conducted found out that underage students participating in the night life are more likely to possess false identification. Many of these are bought openly on website, as the obvious market leader in the niche.

According to one police officer, the authorities are more frequently dealing with individuals who use other people’s legitimate IDs than those who use a fake one. The former is a crime for both the actual ID owner and the young person who used it. Pretending to be someone else while presenting their state-issued ID can be considered a felony. The police department thinks that kids still don’t understand that drinking beer is not worth going to jail for.