King Of Fakes Review – Students Favorite In Every College


We set out on the mission to find legit fake ID vendors. We will publish several blog posts, reviewing each of the known vendors in detail. We know how important it is to have high quality fake ID, and so we hope this research helps many people.

Today’s post is about King Of Fakes Oklahoma ID:

Communication: 9.9/10- Never felt the urge to message them, so by default I believe that deserves a 9.9/10, but I’m sure if I were to message them, they’d respond immediately. 

Template: 9.9/10-  I don’t believe in giving out 10/10s, but gosh darnit this thing kind of deserves it.  I’ll settle with a 9.9/10.  The blue is perfect.  The black text is perfect.  The DL algorithm is spot on.  Even the microprint is out of this world perfect.

Photoshop: 9.9/10- The earshadow is spot on.  The background color is spot on.  I submitted a picture with an all white background and though I messed up, but low and behold they photoshop it!  Thank the lord.  And thank the lord that their photoshop is damn good too.  Could never tell that it was originally a white background.

Scanning: 10/10- I feel like I have to give a 10/10 because this is either a 10/10 or a 0/10.  I was too scared to use my ID, so I had my cousin use his first (I ordered 2 for us).  He has an older face, and when he walked out with two bottles of Fireball and a bottle of New Amsterdam, I knew the IDs would work.  Perfect.

Holos/OVI: 9.7/10- Oklahoma is an overlay state, meaning they put a sticker on it that has the holograms on it.  These guys sticker looks the same as the real one.  Perfect brightness, coloring, etc.  I think it may have been a hair too big, but I am likely wrong and just don’t want to give this a 10/10 lmao.  I’m petty, I know. 

UV: 9.9/10- It’s beautiful.   Nothing more I can really say other than that.  Just simply a work of art.  I feel like this is the hardest part in making an ID, so props to them for making it perfect.

Signature: 9.9/10- All I had was an Expo marker and a whiteboard so me and my cousin used that.  We signed our names, took a picture of it, and uploaded to  Simple enough.  Came out great!  Can’t really ask for more.  I even used a Green Expo Marker that was dying lol.  They fixed it up and made it black. 

Conclusion 10/10: I won’t be greedy on the conclusion.  This thing is a 10/10 easy.  Me and my cousin couldn’t be any happier.  We are now the plug for alcohol to all of our friends, which is an awesome feeling.  If any friends ever need an ID, I for sure will point them to King of Fakes.  I feel like I owe them that.  Thanks guys!