King Of Fakes Reviews – Arkansas ID – Center For American Progress


King Of Fakes is the fake ID vendor that everyone raves about. Being a natural skeptic who likes to challenge popular opinion, I ventured to check it on my own – after all I was in need of a good fake so why not 😉

Here are my unbiased King Of Fakes reviews for the readers of my blog:

Communication: 10/10- I was very nervous ordering an ID for the first time.  I have been scammed before so I was very scared.  After communicating with their customer service,

They assured me they are the real deal and I trusted them.  I was not upset!

Template: 10/10- Not many vendors are able to make a good Arkansas for some reason, but Kingoffakes held it down.  The placement of the text is perfect, the colors and hues are perfect, even the weird semi-blurry state is exactly how it should be!

I am very impressed and delighted I went with them.  

Photoshop: 10/10- Perfect!  Arkansas photoshop in general looks fake with large shadows and a deep blue background.  Comparing this with my real ID, I can’t spot even a single difference.  I even submitted a horrible photo, but it didn’t seem to matter.  Their Photoshop te­am is terrific.

Scanning: 10/10- I used the BCS app as well as a local gas station and it scans like a charm.  I was nervous, but it turned out great!

Holos/OVI: 10/10- The Holos/OVI is crisp, clear, and exactly like my real ID.  I don’t know how they managed to do that.  Awesome work, King of Fakes!

UV: 10/10- Looks cool!  I used a blacklight flashlight and that showed the UV pattern.  

Signature: 10/10- I wrote my signature on blank paper with a blue pen and thought that would mess things up, but the signature came out great.  They adjust the thickness and the clarity of it to get you the best looking product.

Review Conclusion 10/10: Arkansas is an impossible ID to master, but King knows what they are doing and managed to make it perfect.  They are the best quality fake ID I have ever seen, and as a college student, I’ve seen a lot of my friends.  Unlike some Chinese IDs, King of Fakes makes his IDs on the right material and all of his IDs Pass the Bend Test, UV Test, and scan.  I just want to kiss him I’m so happy lol.