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    • Resolute Forest Files RICO Fraud Suit Against Greenpeace Greenpeace lawsuit Resolute

      Resolute’s response was remarkable for several reasons. One, Resolute Forest Products is a Canadian firm and its RICO lawsuit was filed in the US. Two, it trashed Greenpeace with unprecedented detail, alleging a conspiracy between the extremist group and like-minded green groups to destroy the company with lies and slander. Three, it is the only example of a corporate entity mounting a full scale counterattack against an environmental group with a lawsuit, a public campaign, and the guts to boldly face down a wealthy, foundation-funded million-member global eco-monster.

    • Naomi Oreskes Warps History Naomi Oreskes Merchants of Doubt

      Science historian Naomi Oreskes took what amounts to climate skeptic vanilla pudding and labeled it as deadly poison peddled by Merchants of Doubt without any investigation.

    • Obama’s SEC Issues Climate Chaos ‘Guidance’ climate justice makes you blue

      President Obama continues to use “dangerous manmade climate change” to justify a massive regulatory onslaught that will “fundamentally transform” America’s energy, economic, business, industrial, social, legal and constitutional systems before he leaves office.

    • AG Delegated His State Powers to Predatory Lawyer in Suit Against ExxonMobil Claude Walker Exxon Climate Lawsuit

      Evidence shows that Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker’s March 29 press conference performance was merely for show. In reality, he had been colluding with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, his colleagues and environmental group leaders for more than a month. Walker sent his 19-page subpoena alleging “conspiracy to obtain money by false pretenses” to ExxonMobil headquarters in Dallas, Texas on March 15 – exactly two weeks before taking the stage in New York City, a fact he did not mention. He had something to hide and he hid it.

    • ELPC: Chicago’s Partisan Front Group for a Radical Environmental Agenda Democratic U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin (IL) and Elizabeth Warren (MA) at the Environmental Law & Policy Center dinner on April 29. 2016. (Photo from ELPC Facebook page.)

      The Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest (ELCP), a left-leaning lobbying and litigating organization, fêted the regulatory victories of colleagues in the Obama administration with its “2016 Dinner and Celebration” at the Chicago Hilton on April 29, 2016. The group hosted two influential Democrat headliners, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois). After the speakers left the dais and the dinner party had adjourned for chit-chat around the open bar, the celebration’s point had become crystal clear: “Regulatory statutes are the cornerstone of the progressive agenda.”

      There were plenty of corporate listeners with survival at stake: The colorful logo-festooned event announcement in Crain’s Chicago Business weekly newspaper listed some of the host’s funders – nearly 40 wind and solar energy companies, a bank, a private foundation, a giant medical supply firm, three “clean energy” trade associations, and a railroad heavily invested in hauling coal.

    • Omnibus Spending Bill Quietly Funds UN Climate Programs 1024px-Paul_Ryan_with_Barack_Obama_02-25-10

      Conservatives and liberals have much to complain about today, with the omnibus spending bill’s inevitable passage. The bill, which is more than 2000 pages long, contains a $622 billion tax cut provision, but is packed to the gills with government spending totaling $1.1 trillion. The bill covers everything from visa regulations for foreign workers, to the EPA’s new wetlands regulations, to armor-piercing bullets to exports of domestically drilled crude oil, according to media outlets like USA Today.

      The spending bill also includes a massive grant to UN climate programs. And while it misses giving directly to the UN’s Green Climate Fund – we’ve pledged $3 billion, but Congress has yet to approve the expenditure – it does give around $388 million to other global climate change efforts, some of which could funnel the cash directly into the GCF itself.